A Handy Guide to Refer to When Attending an Orchestra for the First Time

The most common question of all is the dress code for attending orchestra. There is no fixed dress code for the event. You may see people wearing gowns and tuxes for special performances. You may also see business casual or professional people. But you may also see people in regular clothes as well. Always be you, be comfortable. Here is more to what you need to know when attending orchestra concerts in Miami Beach.

When to arrive…

The earlier you arrive, the better. The doors open two hours prior to the performance and the activities usually begin an hour prior to the first notes. No matter if it is a chat with a guest artist, performance or interactive exhibit, every pre concert activity is meant to offer context to what is happening on the stage and establish connections with the community.

What to know before you attend the event…

The musicians tend to become envious of those who are experiencing their music for the very first time. There are a lot of surprises waiting for you. All you have to do is to just sit back and lean. Getting acquainted with the program before the concert is an amazing way to make the most of the concert experience. The program magazine is loaded with a lot of information about every music piece and the musicians on stage.

When to clap…

There is no place for half hearted applauses in an orchestra hall. The musicians love and are super thankful for an enthusiastic and energetic audience, no matter what music piece it is. But it is always highly recommended to hold the applauses until the very end of every piece. Always take a quick look at your program to check if there are any section of the major work listed next to every piece of music. Also check multiple movements as well. If yes, then applause on the last movement on that very list. If you are hesitant, wait for the cues from the people around you. Let the superfans guide you.

About taking pictures or videos…

Always think of movie theater etiquette. While no orchestra allows videos or photos while the musicians are performing, always capture before or after the event or during the intervals. For more info on attending the orchestra, visit the website.

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