7 Signs That Could Mean Your Level of Testosterone is Low

Testosterone is a male hormone, although females have shown to have small amounts. The hormone controls essential body functions in both sexes but is commonly known to give the male’s manliness. As a person ages, the level of testosterone decreases. However, certain conditions might cause these effects for men below the age of 30 years. Liondale Medical deals with men’s health in New York and treats all hormonal imbalances. Book an appointment online today.

Here are signals that show your body is producing insufficient amounts of testosterone:

  1.     Erectile dysfunctions

This could be the most obvious sign of low hormone levels in the body. Testosterone is responsible for stimulating penile tissues during erection. Therefore, when your body has insufficient amounts of it, it gets difficult to become and remain hard. For extremely low levels, you may not get an erection at all. Hormones are not the only reason. Other causes include smoking, alcohol consumption, diabetes, and thyroid-related issues.

  1.     Low libido

This mostly affects older people. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for sex drive. Therefore, decreased levels could mean a reduced desire to engage in sexual activities. However, if it happens at an early age, it is advisable to talk to a doctor about the possible ways to restore. Be careful not to try certain over the counter medications before consulting an expert.

  1.     Low semen output

Having a hormonal imbalance may also affect the amount of semen produced in the testicles. While it may be difficult figuring out whether the sex drive is decreasing, reduced semen output is easily noticeable. Talk to a doctor when you begin seeing these changes.

  1.     Sleep problems

It is important to have enough sleep for normal body functioning. An imbalance in the level of testosterone may affect your sleep pattern. This will further increase the chances of developing sleep apnea- a very serious condition that could cause stroke or death. Sleep apnea can also result in low testosterone levels.

  1.     Increased body fat

Men who are suffering from low testosterone levels cannot build muscles. Therefore, the foods that were meant for this purpose will be stored as fats instead. An imbalance between estrogen and testosterone may also influence the growth of breasts. Also known as gynecomastia.

  1.     General body fatigue

Low testosterone levels could be the cause of unexplained body fatigue. While fatigue is normal in most cases, it may sometimes be accompanied by low energy levels in situations where you have not been busy. When this happens, even after taking enough time to sleep and rest, consult the doctor to check your body’s hormone levels.

  1.     Memory problems and mood swings

Testosterone also plays a role in mood regulation. Therefore, when the levels are low, you will experience depression, lack of focus, and irritability periods. Hormone problems could even negatively affect your memory.

It is essential that you check for any of the mentioned signs. When you do, do not find the remedy yourself as your diagnosis may be wrong. Instead, seek medical consultation for the doctor to test the level of testosterone and begin treatment. Liondale Medical offers treatment to restore sex drive and other related hormone problems. Book an appointment today.

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