5 Surprising Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dental care is an integral part of your overall health. Despite preventive measures to keep your dental health in check, some risk factors such as heredity are uncontrollable. Dental problems necessitate the use of medical procedures that reverse or minimize them. There are numerous ways to correct dental defects; however, few meet the aesthetic and functionality standards. Minimally invasive Midtown Manhattan laser dentistry has proven efficacy in treating dental complications. Before delving into the excellent benefits of laser dentistry, you need to understand the procedure clearly.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is fast gaining popularity as a replacement to traditional open surgery. This procedure involves using laser beams for nuanced dentistry. A laser device concentrates light on the affected tissues allowing the dentist to reshape and correct dental defects. The two main categories of laser dentistry are hard tissue and soft tissue treatment. Laser dentistry treats cold sores, whitens teeth, and treats gum disease.

The merits of laser dentistry are:

1. Less Pain

Traditional surgery uses anesthesia or intravenous sedation to minimize pain before the procedure. Laser dentistry does not require any pain-numbing since it relies on beams of light. Open surgery causes gum abrasion and sometimes damages the adjacent tissues causing discomfort. The intense beams of light seal the nerve endings, which reduces pain reception.

2. Enhanced Precision

Both hard tissue and soft tissue utilize laser-guided technology to treat oral health issues. Some advanced dental centers infuse laser dentistry with computed cone beam technology for accurate procedures. Lasers only reshape the affected area, leaving the surrounding tissues healthy. Localized treatment enables you to retain your natural oral structures.

3. Easier Recovery Period

Laser dentistry is a localized treatment that does not involve multiple incisions. Instant wound cauterization means the wound will heal much faster compared to open dental surgery wounds. Laser dentistry leverages intrinsic tissue regeneration of the body. A conventional laser procedure takes about three or fewer hours, depending on the severity of the dental complication. Post-care surgery does not involve numerous medications. However, the health care provider may recommend pain-relieving drugs if pain persists.

4. Minimal Bleeding

Laser treatment seals the incisions, which stimulates blood clotting.  Laser treatment works by sealing the wound as soon as it treats it. Additional use of laser treatment with platelet-rich plasma speeds up clotting. Unlike other dental procedures, laser dentistry does not cause scabbing hence lesser swelling. You can return to your normal activities almost immediately after a laser dentistry operation.

5. No infection

The light and heat generated by lasers sterilize the wounds during the operation. It also kills microbes that may enter body tissues during the operation. Because laser treatment kills microbes, it eliminates the possibility of further infections in the recovery period. Laser dentistry is a guarantee to zero infection that may develop into more serious dental complications.


Laser dentistry offers impressive benefits that guarantee efficacy in correcting dental complications with minimal discomfort. Schedule an appointment at New Dimension Dentistry today, and make sure to try laser dentistry in your next visit.

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