5 Dryer Maintenance Hacks You Need To Know

Regular maintenance for any appliance is crucial to ensure these dryers’ smooth running and efficiency. For instance, Whirlpool dryers need regular maintenance to ensure that they are safe and efficient as lack of may result in hazards such as fire hazards, which will require you to have a whirlpool electric dryer repair.

Here are a few dryer recommendations to help you properly care for your dryer:

  • Ensure they are properly installed

Make sure you choose an expert to install and maintain your dryer. Ensure your electrical outlet is compatible with your plugs by consulting your manual. If you own a gas dryer, get it inspected by a professional to ensure that the gas line and connection are in good working order and there are no leaks.

  • Always ensure you clean the lint filter

Ensure to regularly clean your lint filter even before loading your dryer. Lint is very flammable and can cause decreased airflow in clothes dryers, providing a fire danger. Inspect the dryer’s drum for lint collection on a regular basis. Failure to wipe out dust, fiber, and lint from the dryer is the major cause of clothes dryer fires.

  • Avoid soiled clothes in the dryer

Avoid placing any soiled clothing in your dryer to maintain the interior as clean as possible. Alternatively, make sure you’re just drying wet garments from the washing machine. Put wet garments or towels through the washing machine first if you wish to dry them for another purpose, such as a day at the beach. This prevents dirt and other unwanted things from entering the dryer. Extraneous materials may cause the dryer to clog or even corrode.

  • Regularly examine the vents of the dryer

The dryer vent is situated on the exterior of your home. While garments are drying, check to see whether air flows out of the vent regularly. Turn off the dryer and examine the vent for obstruction if no air flows out of it. Vents can be blocked by accumulated lint, a bird’s nest, or even tiny animals. Install a dryer vent seal to guarantee that the vent is closed while the dryer is not in use.

  • Inspect the exhauster vents 

Check for lint or debris in the duct that travels from the rear of your dryer to your wall and outdoors to your dryer vent. If the duct is clogged, you may need to remove it to clean it. Before making any alterations to the exhaust duct on your dryer, consult a professional. Cleaning the exhaust vent or duct at least twice a year should become a habit. A cleaning brush manufactured specifically for this purpose can be used. If obstructions in the vent are not removed, the airflow to the dryer will be greatly reduced, resulting in longer drying periods and wasteful energy use. If a vent obstruction causes your dryer to work harder for longer periods, it is much more likely to break down. On the other hand, your dryer will last a long time if you clean the vents properly.

In conclusion, maintenance of the dyer routinely will avoid having to have multiple repairs.

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