4 Top Social Media Platforms for Business Professionals

Social media continues to rule the world that we live in. With so many platforms competing for our time and attention, businesses have opportunities to really reach their prospective audiences.

Today, we are going to highlight four of the top social media platforms for aspiring business professionals.

  1. LinkedIn – Any entrepreneur looking to make it on the internet will want to start by establishing a LinkedIn page like this. LinkedIn reigns supreme in terms of small business focus as it still is ground zero for many startups in the industry.

LinkedIn’s focus on business over social networking allows for a level of conversation that can’t be had on other social media platforms. Maintain a consistent professional tone but feel free to imbue your content with your personality. Still a social media platform, LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for connecting with potential clients and burgeoning industry professionals.

  1. Facebook – The original social network for most of us, Facebook is still one of the most trafficked websites on the planet. While there are certain limitations in who you can reach through Facebook, as many of its youngest users have shifted to other platforms, there is still plenty of utility in the system.

Create a business profile for your Facebook account and fill it with keywords, links to your work, and posts pertaining to your business. Sponsored posts are great at pulling in targeted demographics and Facebook still reigns supreme on functionality and shareability.

  1. Twitch – We are going to throw a curveball at you: Twitch is an online video streaming platform that was initially titled Justin.TV. Originally created for gamers to share their playthrough experiences, Twitch has turned into one of the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs in the world.

More than just a gaming platform, Twitch users can stream themselves doing pretty much anything, so long as it abides by TOS and fits into one of the categories on the platform. Stock investors, crypto enthusiasts, political commentators, and tech entrepreneurs have all used the platform to share their insight with the world while building an audience.

At the time of this writing, Twitch has more than 2.685 million unique viewers per day. Working in the live streaming environment may take some practice, but the fruits are worth the labor.

  1. YouTube – Still a leading force in the world of video distribution, YouTube is a must for entrepreneurs looking to build their brand, share their insights, and connect with audiences in the future. Even with a wide variety of social media competitors, it has become increasingly easy to create an individual voice in the crowd.

Develop a YouTube profile complete with professional graphics and a completed ‘About Me’ section. Install all of the content links that you have and direct them toward your primary website. In doing so, you can build a link tree that generates traffic as long as your videos are online.

YouTube is also getting more involved with the live streaming industry, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs that want to connect with clients in a live capacity.

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