4 Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Reproductive health directly impacts your sexual life. Unlike men, women rarely talk about their sex life. A significant number of women face sex drought or experience low-quality sex. As you age, menopausal symptoms may further aggravate poor sex life. During menopause, your vagina dries out and becomes flaccid. A dry vagina results in painful sex. Most gynecologists offer you promises of a tighter and well-lubricated vagina. The guaranteed treatment is vaginal revitalization in Santa Monica. The specialists have perfected reproductive care to provide you with ways to rejuvenate your sex life. This article analyzes the four methods you can apply to improve your sex life.

  • Vaginal Rejuvenation

The vagina is a system of soft tissues and muscles. Like all other tissues, it is prone to aging and wearing down. During menopause, your vagina dehydrates and becomes flabby. Also, it is common for women to have Dry vagina after childbirth. The conventional vaginal revitalization technique is radiotherapy. A gynecologist directs radio waves to your vagina. The waves Stimulate your vagina to produce collagen hence tightening your vagina. A less invasive procedure is the O-shot treatment at the Aesthetic and Wellness center. The O-shot treatment contains platelet-rich plasma(PRP). Platelets have regenerative properties that restore tissue growth for a tighter and wetter vagina.

  • Hormone Therapy

Hormonal changes in the body affect your sex drive. During menopause, hormone production diminishes. Optimum levels of estradiol, the primary female sex hormone, and estrogen and progesterone improve sex drive. Hormonal assessment determines the hormone that requires replacement or boosting. During your evaluation, the doctor will ask questions about your sex life. It would be best for you to be candid about it. Hormone therapy may involve total hormone replacement or hormonal amplification. Depending on the level of hormone concentration, your gynecologist may recommend surgery or medication. Over-the-counter medication includes ospemifene, which relieves painful sex symptoms.

  • Dietary Change

Your vagina is representative of what you eat. Research by nutritionists shows that some foods improve your sex drive. The vagina has healthy bacteria that lubricates your walls and protects them from infections. These bacteria need nourishment. Probiotic foods such as yogurt provide nutrients to tiny micro-organisms. One essential food you should incorporate into your diet is an apple. Apples contain aphrodisiacs that mimic estradiol for easier stimulation and orgasm. The foods that improve your sex life are:

  •       Ginger
  •       Green tea
  •       Salmon
  •       Garlic
  •       Quinoa
  • Plan a Romantic Getaway

A sex vacation free from distractions of society may be what you need to revitalize your sex life. A romantic getaway to an upcountry with aphrodisiacs and culinary delights sparks up your relationship. Improved bonding between you and your partner makes for an extraordinary sexual experience. Before departing for your vacation, put in some essential accouterments that will guarantee a memorable experience. During your stay, engage in adrenaline-spiking activities. Also, treat each other to sensual massages. Get creative during the massage and explore new erogenous zones with your partner.


Low sex drive is a normal part of any relationship. Do not fret, though. Utilizing the above four tips, you will rejuvenate your sex life. More importantly, visit a health care specialist to discuss and choose the best ways to spice up your sex life.

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