3 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Spray Tans

Imagine obtaining a tan without necessarily spending endless hours in the sun? Well, this is what sunless tanning is all about. You can also refer it to spray tanning, self-tanning, or fake tanning if you like. It entails applying a spray, lotion, or cream with a tanning agent onto the skin to change the skin tone to the desired tan. However, if you are interested in Verona spray tans, you will likely come across many false impressions surrounding spray tanning. It could be because it came as another option to sunbathing or using a tanning bed. Regardless, both of these techniques are incredibly harmful to the skin and not recommended for rejuvenation purposes.

The best thing about tanning products is that they are risk-free to the skin. However, it depends on the substance used. For instance, products containing dihydroxyacetone and erythrulose provide maximum safety to the skin. While there is a lot of false information out there, if you want to take advantage of spray tans, you must equip yourself with the facts. Take note of the following myths to make the right decisions when need be.

  1. Spray tanning makes you look orange

When most people hear of spray tans, they tend to think that it will make them look orange. It is a prevalent myth, and it simply is not true. If you experience a terrible tan or one that leaves you looking a little bit orange, most of the time, it is because you went to a clinic that offered a limited number of shades to select from. It would help if you prioritized choosing the right shade for your skin type to avoid the distinct orange tone. If possible, look for a clinic with a specialized matching system customized to give you your desired results. Your priority should be on getting maximum satisfaction with your spray tans outcome.

  1. Spray tans are messy

You have most likely come across someone saying that spray tans are messy. If you do not know much about spray tanning, it might look accurate, but it is not. A quality spray is never messy. A reputable salon/spa will always be clean and professional. Most spray tans are formulated for quick drying so you can get back to your daily activities shortly after your appointment. However, remember you must treat your spray tan like a manicure or pedicure and let it dry, it would not be an excellent idea to rub against it or scrub it. You must be gentle to enjoy its results.

  1. Spray tans last for more than a month

It is not true since a spray tan will ideally last for two weeks. Luckily, some post tanning creams could help extend the life of your tan, which could last for even a month. Most people think that sunless tanners do not have an expiry date, but they do and should be discarded after they expire.

Spray tanning is an excellent option for anyone who wants a skin tan. It is pretty safe as opposed to sunbathing. It is an excellent way to maintain a healthy glow without the risk of developing wrinkles, sunburns, age spots, or skin cancer. However, ensure your skin tanning is performed from the right center for excellent results. 

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