Month: June 2020


Reasons for Rejection of Car Insurance Claims and How to Prevent Them

A car insurance policy protects you against financial losses arising out of the theft of your car or damages caused…

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What Is Author Box in WordPress? Different Methods for Adding Author Bio Box

Adding an “Author Box’ to your WordPress website or blog is a great way of getting more exposure. There is…

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US plan to ban Chinese imported product because of Human right

The Trump organization put eight Chinese innovation goliaths on a U.S. boycott on Monday, accusing them of being ensnared in…

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Employing the best doctors to the hospital

In the current scenario, the world is grappling with a deadly virus that is turning the society upside down. The…

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Asbestos & Home Renovation Projects

Can you be exposed to asbestos during a home renovation? The answer depends on when your home was built. If…

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