10 Incredible Stone Feature To Enhance Your Home Garden

Most people think a great garden is all about plants. While plants certainly play a huge role in your home garden you can transform your backyard garden into a zen oasis with some well-placed stones. We’ve put together some great garden ideas below, complete with pictures to help you visualize your new happy place.

  1. The Stone Path

A simple way to give your garden some direction is with a stone walkway. It also has the added bonus of keeping people from walking all over your garden beds.

  1. The Island Rock

Sometimes less is more, that’s the idea with the island rock. Often found in Japanese zen gardens.

  1. A Dry Waterfall

Sometimes the water isn’t needed to add a bit of flow. A dry waterfall creates the feeling of the passage time, like once, long ago there was a river running through this garden.

  1. Zen Garden Sand

Sand is just very small fine stone. Going for a traditional zen garden style can be a great alternative to lawns or astroturf.

  1. Stone Bridges

If your garden is big enough to need a bridge that’s great news. A stone bridge, even if it’s new can give your garden an aged look, like something out of a storybook.

  1. A Stone Wall

A stone wall doesn’t have to be so big it’s designed to keep people out. A stone wall can be something as simple that divided the walkway from the garden bed.

  1. A Stone Fire Pit

A great way to create a gathering place for people is with a fire pit. Making a fire pit out of stone isn’t visually appealing, it’s also one of the safest materials to use when creating on in your backyard.

  1. Stone Sculptures

From the very literal stone sculptures of people and animals to the more abstract type of sculptures inspired by traditional stone stacking. Adding some stone art to your garden is always a great way add some flair.

  1. Stone Fountains

A classic for any garden, the fountain comes in many different shapes and forms but they all have one thing in common, the soothing flow of water over rocks.

  1. A Stone Birdbath

Is a stone birdbath different than a stone fountain? If a bird takes a bath in your fountain is it still a fountain or is it now a birdbath? The answer is simple, a birdbath has still water and is set aside specifically for the birds to bathe in. A fountain may have still water when it’s not running but it is designed to have running water.  So if a bird was to take a bath in a fountain it’s simply bathing in your fountain. The birdbath is it’s own thing.

We hope these ideas get you thinking about way to incorporate stone into your garden. If you liked this list and found some of our ideas inspiring, be sure to share it with your friends. We could all use a little more garden zen in our lives.

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