You Have a Responsibility to Make the Roads a Safer Place

Driving and owning a car is such a privilege and advantage these days. You may well rely on being able to drive in your life so you need to keep yourself on the road as long as possible. Take a look at some of these wicked suggestions that will help you make the roads a safer place.


Watch Out for Hazards

It’s important that you keep your eyes peeled for hazards on the road. There are always going to be things that will put you at risk. If you can identify hazards, you’ll be able to avoid them. Over 2 million US citizens suffer personal injuries as a result of car accidents every year. If you are a victim of a personal injury on the roads, you will need to take a look at this from Hutchison & Stoy. Lawyering up is important, but the hope is that you will never need to get to that stage. If you are careful and vigilant, you’ll be able to avoid accidents and injuries as much as possible.

Report Problems

If you notice any problems on the road, you need to be proactive. Things like a burst water main, overflowing sewer, an accident, or fallen debris can cause chaos. Sure, you might be able to avoid them with no issue, but that doesn't mean everyone else will be able to. So, you need to pull over and call the relevant authorities. People need to be made aware of these problems and work toward fixing them. Don't just ignore something and carry on with your day. As a driver, it’s your responsibility to try to make the roads a safer place. So, you have to make sure you tell the police about any issues you see on the roads.

Stop Texting

We’ve all been told ‘don’t drink and drive’, but texting and driving can be worse! We seem to live on our phones these days, and we can't imagine life without them. A lot of people can't seem to go a few minutes without using their phones for something. But, when you’re a driver, you have to make sure you avoid this at all costs. Texting and driving is just not worth it. Texting while driving causes 11 teen deaths per day according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety!  And it accounts for almost a quarter of all car accidents. It’s just so destructive, so please think twice before doing it. You can leave your phone unattended for a little while; it’s not the end of the world. Don't become just another statistic! Put the phone away and don't text and drive!



Turn the Music Off

We all like to have background noise on when we drive, especially on long journeys. It could be our favorite record or the game on the radio. Either way, background noise seems to be a staple for a lot of drivers these days. The problem is this isn't always a good thing. You see, noise can be a distraction, and your mind needs to be focused on the roads. So, you need to kill the stereo and make sure you have a music-free vehicle. Sure, you may decide you want to play music at some point in the journey. But in areas of heavy traffic you need to be fully alert so it may be an idea to turn it off.

Take Breaks if Needed

One of the biggest causes of traffic accidents and fatalities on the road is tiredness. Drowsiness and fatigue are thought to contribute to well over 70,000 accidents each year. So, you need to take precautions to ensure you aren't going to fall asleep at the wheel. This means you should take breaks if you’re feeling drowsy or lethargic. If it’s a long journey, you might consider stopping at a motel to get some rest. But, often, just a break from being behind the wheel can help sharpen your brain and refresh you mentally. You have to take regular breaks if you’re serious about staying safe and looking after yourself.

Ensure You’re Comfortable

You need to be sure you’re comfortable when you’re driving. Think about your job - you do your best work when you’re at your most comfortable. So it stands to reason that you will do your best driving when you’re comfortable. It’s important that you have the right conditions to make the best driving decisions. Discomfort will lead to you becoming easily distracted, and that can lead to problems and accidents. Your car is your own property so make sure you kit it out for comfort. Bring some cushions or pillows if you need. Blankets are always a good bet too. If it’s too hot, wind the window down or, use the air con. If it’s too cold, make sure you use the heating or wrap up warm. Comfort is essential when you go driving so make it one the things you focus on.



Observe the Speed Limit

The speed limit is in place for a reason, and you need to observe and respect it. There's nothing more foolish than flagrantly disregarding the speed limit these days. If you see a speed limit, it’s because that is the safe speed recommended for that particular road. And you need to keep within the speed limit, even if you don't think you should. Many people will speed and go over the limit that's been set, and this is when accidents happen. A few years ago over 30,000 Americans were killed on the roads. And recent years have seen an increase. So we obviously need to be more careful about driving, and respectful of conditions and speed limit.

Making the roads a safer place is the responsibility of all drivers. And you have to make sure you play your part. It’s crucial to ensure you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries when you’re behind the wheel. You can't account for what other drivers are going to do. But, you can take steps to make sure you cover bases on your end. Have a look at the ideas on this post, and try to make sure you adhere to them.

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