Why Are Domestic Abuse Cases On The Rise Around The World?

Recent studies show that cases of domestic violence on are on the rise around the world. To put that into perspective, the amount of reported cases in Australia alone has risen by 19%. And, unfortunately, the vast majority of victims are women and children. We live in a world where we know that domestic violence is wrong, and we also live in an era where we believe ourselves to be more advanced. So, what is causing the rise? Why are more and more men, women and children subject to domestic violence in 2016?


The simple answer is that there are more attacks. It is plausible that more people are becoming victims even though we believe the issue isn’t as bad as in the past. Quite simply, the world might just be ignorant to the fact that nothing has changed in the past couple of decades. And, why would it change for a lot of people? There are still people in the world that love to hurt others, and they still have the means to make it happen. It isn’t a nice thought, but maybe we haven’t grown as much as we like to imagine.

The flip side to that is that we have grown, and the statistics are proof. Anti-domestic violence advocates would argue that the rise in cases is down to more reporting. In the past, victims would be too scared to come forward. They would think, for a variety of reasons that nothing would change. And, in some cases, they were right. However, victims are starting to see that someone will hear their voice. More offenders are prosecuted than ever before, which is a telling statistic. Instead of waiting for the violence to end, they are proactive. Whereas their situation would have been unnoticed in the past, we are well aware of it in 2016.


Why are more people reporting domestic violence crimes? It is for a number of reasons. Firstly, people realize that they are not at fault. A lot of victims believe that they are the reason they are subject to abuse. Obviously, that isn’t the case – it is down to the offender. Nowadays, more victims of abuse are aware that they are not to blame. Also, the lawyers that deal in the cases have a lot of influence. Firms like Wallin & Klarich are prime examples. These firms are a lot more affordable and available to victims in today’s society. There are even ‘no win, no fee’ law firms that help those with a small budget. With the help of the experts, people feel as if it is worth reporting and prosecuting the offenders.

Finally, the categorization of domestic abuse isn’t the same as in the past. Today, we would class domestic violence under a range of issues. A person doesn’t need to be hit to be a victim because domestic violence is also mental. In the past, the categorizations of the crime were a lot more limited. As the spectrum broadens, the numbers rise.


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