What Russian Girls Really Want in Relationships

We have always been told about “the mysterious Russian soul”, but have never been able to decode it. Things become even more complicated when it comes to Russian women, especially to building long-term relationships with them. How can you please a Russian lady? What does she like or dislike? Thanks to our friends from Romance Compasss, we managed to reveal their love preferences, hope this help!

They value emotional bond over sexual

Russian culture is entirely built on mutual respect between partners, and gender roles are strictly defined there. A man protects and cares about his woman who in turn gives him her tenderness and loyalty. This means sex is not the primary goal of most relationships. Thus, Russian girls look for a soulmate rather than just a mate. Your intellectual and moral qualities are what they are truly keen on.

They need your time and attention

Communication is the thing that holds a couple together. Surely, there are plenty of other ingredients supporting your chemistry, but nothing can play the more significant role than mental interaction. The ability to lead conversations without getting tired of each other shows if there is a true connection between two people. If you date with a Russian, be ready to make her an essential part of your life, for she will do the same. Remember – not expensive gifts, but mental connection!

They do not like cold and sullen men

If a Russian woman falls in love, she wants to be absolutely sincere with you. A passive, rude and selfish man will eventually push her away. When you feel her growing interest in you, help it flourish! Be initiative and kind, listen to what she tells you and share your thoughts. Another feature bringing you two closer is the good sense of humor, do not forget to use yours. In fact, Russian girls look for partners abroad because men in their native country do not know much about real manliness. They would only act rudely and disrespectfully to depict it.

They look for romantic relationships

Russian ladies might seem to be overly-feminine, which is true to some extent. It is all about the difference between Slavic and Western mentalities. Therefore, you must act like a gentleman to touch your girl`s heart and keep that flame alive. Falling into the routine is very traumatic for Russian women. Even if you have dated for a certain period, it does not mean that you can stop initiating dates and romantic dinners. In this way, you will without doubts kill the passion.

They are willing to stand by your side whatever happens

A serious relationship involves two persons with their tempers, habits, ambitions and problems. Russians are famous for their talent to empathize with other people, so their women are eager to participate in family life. That is why Russian girls do not get the concept of “separate lives”. Your second half will ask you for giving her a hand, but will also back you in return. You will have both a devoted wife and the best friend in the entire world. 

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