What Are the Traits and Attributes That a Global Entrepreneur Should Possess?

Running a global business today means having to deal with all kinds of challenges and problems. Getting ahead and being able to succeed is not always easy. So, you should make sure that you have some of the traits and attributes that are so important for global entrepreneurs in the modern world. All of these traits and attributes will help you to get ahead. You’ll then be able to build a business that is able to grow in a globalised world.

When everyone is so connected, building a global business is easier than ever before in many ways. But this presents other challenges. Many entrepreneurs are thrown into managing a business that operates in different countries. They often have little or no experience of doing deals and maintaining business relationships on a global scale. This is something that you have to adapt to if you want to find success and grow the business. Read on to learn all you need to know about the various traits and attributes that can help you to succeed on the global stage.

Persistence and Tenacity

Because of all the obstacles that stand in your way when running a global business, you’ll have to be able to work with tenacity. Persistence and tenacity will be key. There will be things that throw you off course, distract you and disrupt you. And having the ability to persevere and go forwards will help you to stay on track and focus on your key goals. Failure is always difficult to deal with, but having that tenacious approach to business will help you to keep going when times are tough. You will still have to be aware of when your business needs to change and adapt, however. Being persistent always has to be balanced with being realistic.


Having the vision to spot new things and ideas before they become mainstream is a key trait. If you’re able to do this, your business can be the one that gets ahead of the curve and beats the competition. Being able to spot an opportunity is what being in business is all about. If you don’t have this kind of vision, potential business opportunities will pass you by. You also need to be able to communicate your vision and ideas to other people. Investors will want to hear about your idea, and, most importantly, you will have to be able to communicate your vision to customers. And don’t be put off by other people who aim to ridicule your vision.


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Be open-minded and willing to consider all kinds of new things. This is something that you will have to do when running a global business. New ideas will only come to you if you are willing to open your eyes to the world. As an entrepreneur who runs a global business, you will have the chance to travel around and see different things. If you have the right kind of attitude, you will be able to learn from people and from other traditions and cultures. So, have an open mind whenever you go on a business trip or meet new people. The things you learn and pick up can be taken home with you and implemented in your own business.

Ethical Approach to Your Work

Having a strong ethical approach to your work will make your life as an entrepreneur so much easier. You need to know which ethical steps will be relevant to your business. Maybe you want to create an image of your business as a green and sustainable business. Or maybe you want to be a good employer that treats employees properly. Having a strong ethical core for your business can make consumers stay loyal to your business because they’ll see it in a good light. Getting a bad reputation can really damage your chances of finding long-term success. So, don’t take unethical shortcuts in order to cut costs or maximise profits. It’s something you would ultimately live to regret.


There are so many changes that will occur in the market. You need to know how to deal with them and keep your business sustainable if you want to get it to where you want to be. When things change, you and your business will need to change too. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll be left behind. That’s not what you want to happen. So, make sure that you know how to be flexible and get to grips with everything that the modern market can throw at you. In a global marketplace, this is even more important because your business will be operating on many different fronts. Dealing with shifting trends and changing tastes will be essential.

Collaborative Skills

However talented you might be as an entrepreneur, there is no way in which you can do it all by yourself. Every entrepreneur that finds success will also have a team of people behind them to back them up. If that team isn’t there or you don’t collaborate with them effectively, you’ll eventually run out of steam. Working closely with others also means leaving your ego behind and being able to share credit when things go well. If you can’t do that, then people in your team will start to feel resentful, and that won’t be good for your business.

A Desire to Give and Share

The best entrepreneurs always understand the importance of giving something back and getting better. If you can do this, your business will have more of a purpose. It will no longer simply exist to make profits for you and shareholders. Instead, it will have a social purpose. So, you could set up links to charities, or even start your own charity and link it to the business you run. You might want to turn yourself into a philanthropist if you want to generate a strong image for yourself in the world of business. This can be important if you want to get your face out there and make more money in the years to come.

The Willingness to Break Rules

You’re going to have to defy convention and beat a new path for yourself if you want to innovate on the global stage. It’s as simple as that. Opting for the safe way forward and doing what has already been done before will only take you so far. The biggest and best entrepreneurs know how to do more than that. They make breakthroughs by breaking the rules. Being able to defy conventional thought and do something new and interesting will definitely help your business. Of course, the new ideas that you come up with will also have to be good ideas. If they’re not, your business will fail pretty quickly. But breaking the rules is a part of the game when you run a global business, so don’t shy away from this.


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An Interest in Global Exchange

Trading in a global marketplace is something any large global business will need to do. And it’s not always as easy as it might seem. To avoid mistakes, you will need to be sure to understand how global exchange works these days. Without a clear understanding of these things, getting a foothold and doing well on the global market will be a lot harder. There are a lot of technical specificities that you will need to familiarise yourself with if you’re going to succeed. Trading platforms are commonly used to facilitate the trading of goods between buyers and sellers. Find out what kind of global exchange you will be using, and then grow your knowledge from there.

Cultural Curiosity

If you’re running a business that wants to expand into many different global markets, you’ll have to deal with different cultures. This often means modifying your brands and your products so that they’re suited to a particular culture. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t understand cultural variations and isn’t interested in them, then you will struggle. Having a strong cultural curiosity and an interest in what makes each culture unique will give you a distinct advantage. It will make dealing with different situations in different countries that little bit easier for you as an entrepreneur. Cultural ignorance will not get you very far in the world of business these days.

Risk Taking

People who are able to take risks will be much more likely to succeed in global business. There is no way of navigating and managing a big business with global intentions if you don’t know how to take risks. If you take the kind of approach that is too conservative, you will miss out on opportunities. Taking risks is not just about gambling mindlessly though. In fact, it’s more about balancing the costs and risks of each situation. It’s just as important to know when not to take risks as it is to know when to take them. People who take too many risks without thinking about the costs are just as unsuited to business as those who don’t know how to take any risks.


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