Think Twice Before Marrying Certain Type of People

Dating is meant to be an intermediate stage between your single life and marriage. It gives you an opportunity to meet new people, get to know them better, and realize who could be your potential partner. There comes the moment when you feel that you met that special someone with whom you’re ready to tie the knot. Since love can be blinding, relationship experts from – Russian Dating Online advice you to pause and think about how your partner treats you. Maybe, he or she is not marriage material and you’re about to make a huge mistake. Take a close look at your date or partner and make sure he or she is not acting in one of the following ways otherwise, you take the risk of future disillusionment.

Rushing things. If a man declares her love to a woman right on the second or third date, it should be a warning sign for her. The same can be said about a woman sharing her top secrets and making plans for a future with a man she sees for the second time. If you feel awkward hearing such things from your date and the only thought that pops up in your head at that moment is to run away, probably you should follow that instinct. People who open up too early are usually insecure. They do it on a whim and when their excitement wears off, they start looking for another target. Every relationship starts with getting to know each other and develops as a snowball gradually. If everything happens abruptly, the relationship is not going to work.

Focusing on their self. Selfishness and a healthy relationship, especially marriage, do not go together. Living as a couple means to concentrate on “we” rather than “I”. Happy couples are those where the partners can forget about themselves and stand in the other partner’s shoes. If you tell your partner about your problems but don’t get enough support in return, you’re probably with the wrong person.

Finding faults with you. Again, you need a person who will support and inspire you not the one who will make you feel miserable and insignificant. Recognizing a ruthless critic within your partner is very important. At the early stage of your relationship, it may seem to you pretty attractive that he or she doesn’t agree with you on certain matters and has his or her opinion. However, later it turns into a constant humiliation and ignoring your wants and needs. If your partner wants everything to be done their way without asking you opinion or just putting you down, end this relationship before it’s not too late.

Agreeing with everything you offer. You are always together and whatever you offer, your partner will say “yes”. At first, you liked it very much because it was flattering to have a person by your side who would share your interests and do everything to please you. But the relationship where there is no room for challenge gradually becomes boring. Marriage is about give and take, not only blindly following the partner. If a woman doesn’t see any initiative from her partner, she’ll get frustrated or bored soon. The point is to live as equal partners, not as a boss and his “yes-man”.

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