Packing Your Valuables for Storage and Moving

If you’re planning to move to a new place or just want to declutter your home and move some

of your stuff to storage, you need to pack your things in a proper way. Secure packing is

essential for safe transportation of your valuables. Many first-timers make huge mistakes

wrapping glassware in newspapers without realizing that the ink will rub off on it or putting

heavy items in the box with fragiles. In order to prevent you from making the same mistakes, SF

Bay Area Movers has prepared some useful tips on how to pack different items properly.

Appliances. Either you’re going to move some appliances or store them somewhere, you need

to prepare them for it. For example, your fridge needs to be cleaned and dried first. Only after

that you can secure it with packing tape and moving blankets. When it arrives at your new

place, just unpack and re-connect it. If it’s going to be stored, unpack it and leave the doors

open to ensure air circulation.

Glass. Since the newspaper ink can rub off on your glassware, you should use newsprint.

Bubble wrap is also a good option for packing glass items such as mirrors, porcelain, or crystal.

Using bubble wrap, make sure the bubbles don’t touch the surface of an object otherwise they

will leave round marks on the glass. After putting the wrapped glassware into the boxes, fill up

any empty spaces with foam peanuts.

Metal. If you want to store some metal items, you should know that rust and tarnish are their

worst enemies. Carefully prepare your silver set for storage by cleaning and polishing it. If it’s

going to be a long-term storage, put it into a special flannel bag infused with silver particles.

Wood. When it comes to packing wooden items or pieces of furniture, bubble wrap or other

plastic wrap is not suitable. Since wood is an organic material, make sure wooden surfaces

don’t have tight direct contact with any plastic wrapping. However, it’s possible to use bubble

wrap for extra protection if you wrap it over the moving blankets that cover the wood. If you’re

going to store some items of furniture, use the sofa pillowcases and mattresses and coating for

furniture to protect it from dust.

If you’re not very much experienced in packing things or you want to be sure that your fragile

items are packed securely, you can always hire professional packers and movers to do that for


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