EVC Ventures Building Bridge Between Chinese And Indian Investment Opportunities


It looked like a large family from my distant childhood memories.

China and India, its eminent representatives under the same roof talking opportunities for growth and development of our countries.

This Saturday at the Leela in Gurgaon attendees representing the investment and corporate sector of both China and India assembled today to launch the China Internet Cooperative Alliance.

The event which aims to bring closer TMT investment opportunity between India and China and fund high prospect early stage startup was hosted by Zhu Dao India our team EVC Ventures.

Surprisingly enough the “meadows” are still not explored enough and there is still manifestation of information obscurity when it comes to making decisions on how and where in India a Chinese investor could invest.

No significant investment decision has ever been made in India by a Chinese investor apart from the Alibaba’s investment in Snapdeal and Paytm despite the fact that both countries are poised on similar cultural and developmental path with China just being few years ahead.

Plenty of knowledge sharing session ensured that everyone gets a juicy piece of the pie this Saturday.

Multiple panels hosted representatives from Sequoia India, Lightspeed Ventures, EVC Ventures, Fosun Group, Bertelsmann Capital plus speakers from Alibaba, Snapdeal, Xiaomi India, the Embassy of China and the government of India. Almost in a single voice our Chinese guests agreed that it has never been a better time to invest in India now that the cost of human resources in China is skyrocketing, and not only that.

Panel discussion: Why invest in India

There will be 900 million active users in India by 2016 which makes it an amazing consumer market for every potential investor marking inherent transfer of IP from US companies as well enthusiastically added Peesh Chopra while pointing out that it has never been a better time to take any form of action or investment even the slightest one in order to plant the seed for promising return on the rapidly digitizing India.

E-commerce India is set to cross 100 billion dollars by 2020 as per Morgan Stanley. Mobile commerce is yet to explore considering the fact that 500 million Indians still don’t use bank account. Unlike what is traditionally considered, large population is not a burden but a blessing for our economies. That’s a potential China wants to invest in, said Liu Jingson, Charge ad’Affaires at the Embassy of China in India.

Six startups also got the chance to pitch during the panel and hear on how similar business models performed in China including the recently backed Milkbasket, followed by iMade which is also backed by the Government of India, BlackbeltHelp, QuickLaunchSSO and others, all boasting healthy business fundamentals, profitability and clientele that stretches across 6 continents.

The dialogue ended in establishing a dynamic agenda for active collaboration in the domain of discovering and funding Indian Internet companies which will include:

  1. Industry Steering Committee that will establish cooperation, planning and promote more cooperation in various sub-sectors; were held every year in India once the Internet session of the General Assembly;
  2. Setting up a secretariat in charge of the daily affairs of the Union
  3. Chindia.co as the Union’s official website and online communication platform.
  4. Internal action plan initiated by India Cooperative Alliance for generating fund for investing in high quality Indian Internet companies

As a continuation of the current activities of the 2016 Sino-Indian dialogue, General Assembly will be held in Beijing during the second half of 2016.

Anjli Jain

Managing Partner @EVC_Ventures

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