Do not worry about losing data again When you get amazing recovery software

So if yours younger brother is playing with your laptop or computer and he accidently deletes the file.

Since our machine is smart enough that it will put that file into recycle bin. You can easily retrieve your

file from the recycle bin whenever you want. But if you have emptied your recycle bin then there is a

problem for you but all is not lost. So, first of all, you have to check your backup things. For example, on

Dropbox there is a couple of version of the same file. You can even retrieve your file after many days

before you lost it. You simply have to open the dropbox afterward you have to go into the web interface

there you have to select the trash icon at the top, It will say that show deleted files. Now going through

this procedure you can recover your files.

If you are a user of window 8 then there is a tool known as File History. This option is not enabled by

default. You have to enable it by opening the control panel, then look for file history and select the

configure file history setting option.

With window 7 you have an option of System restore. If this option is enabled then it creates shadow

copies of the files that will help you know the name of the files and their location. But there is a slight

problem you cannot get directly to them. First, you have to right click and select the properties tab

afterward you have to select the previous versions.

If you are a MAC user then you must be familiar with the word Time Machine. The function of this is also

to keep a backup of your files on your external drive or from some other source.

But the real problem arises when you don't have the backup of any kind and you accidently delete the

files or you formatted your hard disk. Still, there are methods available in the market through which you

can retrieve your data back safely. Recovery software are available in the market that helps you to

recover your data back safely.

Recovery Software:

The best free data recovery software in the market is EaseUS data recovery wizard free. It helps you to

recovers your data by simply following three step. The Interface is very user-friendly and this software is

100% safe to use. This can recover almost any kind of file types or data. It can also recover your data

from the formatted hard drives. Recuva is another data recovery tool that can recover picture,

documents, and videos and emails any file that you have lost. This software recover data from the

damaged or newly formatted the drive as well. PhotoRec as it is obvious by the name it was originally

designed to recover your photos from memory card but now it can lose files including video, documents,

and archives from hard disks, CD-ROMs. Still, you are not satisfied then you have to go to the

professional after extracting your hard drive. They have been doing their service for many years they can

help you much better.

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