CredForce conquers new grounds with CredForce Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Gurgaon, India- December 22, 2016

Come 2017 and CredForce, the world’s foremost and largest provider of services, solutions, and products in credentialing will witness another landmark of success. With more than 50 certification products across the globe, the gigantic ecosystem of credentialing for nations, corporations and individuals, spanning over 175 countries, CredForce is on the way to expand its network. The world’s largest consortium of certification bodies recently added one more office in the network – CredForce Singapore Pte. Ltd.

President and Group CEO, Rajiv Gupta said “Everybody from professionals looking for the career growth to the organizations on the lookout for competitive edge to the governments seeking advice in order to transform into a world-class system needs credentials to showcase ‘technical competencies’, CredForce promises to deliver and create exceptional value for its diverse client segments.  This is the reason that our innovative technology platforms and credentialing models are appreciated in every market that we enter.”

He added “Singapore being one of the ‘tiger-economies’ of Southeast Asia will certainly give CredForce an opportunity to serve Southeast Asian nations with even greater focus and energy to keep them dynamic and competitive.”

Critical economy stakeholders including global charity foundations, universities, multilateral aid bodies, special interest groups and ministries, government agencies, professional associations and industry promotion boards – all of these have been impacted by CredForce since its inception.

Sanjeeva Shukla, the Chief Product Officer at CredForce said “Credibility is the most valuable asset for everyone in the today’s digital age. Nothing other than credentials can prove credibility best. The credentialing algorithms, principles, and elements at CredForce are first across the globe to bridge the gap between credibility and capability. And that undoubtedly explains why I say that we’re in the industry of trust-in the business of excellence. New office at Singapore will establish a channel for CredForce to become a world-class corporation in the ASEAN and APAC geographies as well.”

“CredForce’s pioneering business model was conceived ahead of its time. We’ve not just been the first, but the fastest company in the international market of credentialing. CredForce Singapore is equal parts market share consolidation and organic growth.”

CredForce is the most diversified provider of services and solutions in the credentialing arena and offers audit, research, assessment, business, and marketing support to global credentialing, accreditation and certification bodies. The latest office in Singapore is the most recent addition to the rapidly growing network of CredForce with other offices in United States, India South Africa and UK.

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CredForce ( is the world’s first and the largest provider of solutions, services and products in credentialing. With the world’s first ever and the largest consortium of international certification bodies, CredForce is converting capability-validation into an organized global industry-vertical. Our mission is to make certifications affordable, convenient and swift to obtain for individuals and enterprises even in the remotest corners of the world. The gigantic CredForce credentialing ecosystem extends across 178 countries astride a slew of partnerships with global leaders like Pearson. A wide-range of solutions on credentialing, accreditation and certification of professionals, workforce, employees and enterprises are designed and delivered to transnationals, governments, universities, multilateral aid bodies and institutions through this ecosystem.


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