Construction News: The Biggest Issue The Industry Is Facing Right Now

The construction industry is by far one of the biggest all over the world. As such, there’s bound to be a lot of focus on it. This increased focus means it’s more likely issues will be brought up and amplified massively. A good example of this is the biggest issue facing the industry right now.

Construction companies across the globe are being slammed for the damage they do to the environment. Eco-friendly groups are claiming they’re doing too much harm with every job they carry out. The arguments they make are reasonable and backed up with some compelling evidence. There’s no denying that construction companies do cause some damage to the earth’s environment. But, what are the main reasons behind this, and can they be stopped?



One of the biggest reasons construction companies come under fire is because they produce too much waste. More to the point, they produce too much non-recyclable waste. What does this mean? It means lots of things get chucked in landfill sites and burned, which results in increased CO2 emissions. Can this be stopped? Yes, it can, and some companies in the industry are trying already. Many will hire a compactor to help break down large amounts of waste. It makes waste piles smaller, minimizing the amount they produce. Another thing they’re trying to do is recycle as much as possible. They separate things that can be recycled, so, less stuff gets burned in a landfill site. Obviously, a construction site will always generate waste; that’s just the nature of the business. But, these two ideas can help reduce the environmental impact.



We all know that construction companies require lots of vehicles and machinery. And, we’re aware that vehicles are some of the biggest causes of carbon emissions. Especially when they’re big and bulky, like a lot of construction vehicles are. As you can imagine, huge industrial diggers will use up a lot of fuel, which translates into carbon emissions. It’s hard to counter this, as these vehicles are essential for construction companies to do their work. The only solution is to try and use them as little as possible. Other than that, we’ll have to wait for eco-friendly construction vehicles.


Water Pollution

Construction sites are notorious for giving off a lot of pollution. The above points illustrate this fact and show that they release air pollution. But, things can be even worse than that, as a lot of sites cause water pollution. When land has to be dug up, there are many ways water can be polluted. Soil erosion occurs, and things like fuel and paint can leak into natural waterways underground. It’s a big issue and one that needs to be clamped down on.The only solution here is to be more careful with the work you carry out. People in the industry have to take extra measures to prevent things from contaminating water.

So, the construction industry is facing a massive issue right now. Everyone is blasting it for being incredibly bad for the environment. With these points, you can see why these claims are made. But, the future doesn’t have to be bleak. Things can be done to decrease the environmental impact, and make construction better for the earth.

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