Charity Begins At Home: How Local Community Appeals Are Succeeding In 2016

Charity is an important responsibility in modern life. While nobody should feel forced to support charitable causes, knowing that you’ve helped others is one of the best feelings in the world. But whether you are a regular giver or a casual giver, there’s a good chance that you’ve had a change of tactic in recent times. More specifically, you’ve probably turned your attention to local causes.

Americans are still giving a lot of money, although the changing economic climate has seen the progress slow. However, a large percentage are now focused on ideas closer to home rather than global charities.

So why are local community appeals achieving greater outcomes than ever? Let’s take a closer look.

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Giving your hard earned money to charity is a huge gesture. Therefore, it’s imperative to know that your cash is going to the right people. Quite frankly, that assurance is far less frequent when choosing a worldwide organization.

Newsworthy scandals are an immediate turn-off. Moreover, the knowledge that only a small percentage of donations actively help the people in need has a huge impact. After all, you want those suffering people to be the beneficiaries – not the people collecting your money.

Emotionally, donating to localized causes can feel far more secure. In truth, this is arguably the biggest influence on the changing environment.

More Personal

For most charity givers, the choice of destination comes from one of two sources. Either you feel passionately about a cause that has impacted your life, or the story has gripped you. Regarding the latter, the vast majority of people will gain a stronger emotional connection to a local story.

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Moreover, local events offer a far greater sense of participation. Charity organizers are well equipped to create more effective event days too. The combination of video media, soft church chairs, and measurable targets can build an accessible event. Meanwhile, organizers can often gain the support of local businesses to further boost those causes.

Handing money over blindly isn’t a frequent occurrence. Building that emotional connection is key. Ultimately, local charities have become better equipped at selling the story in an effective manner. The importance of this factor should not be ignored.

Community Vibe

Likewise, most donors will respond with far greater enthusiasm when there is something in it for them. The average charity giver isn’t looking for financial rewards. But those emotional benefits should be evident. This is one area where localized events have a huge advantage.

Let’s face it; the community spirit has largely vacated the modern world. Charity events are one of the last remaining outlets of hope. Whether it’s an organized fun run or a bring and buy sale doesn’t matter. Those events can bring people together while the funds raised benefit the local community (or at least people within it) too.

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Those benefits are going to generate far greater positivity than any global charity. Unless there is a valid personal reason to choose a worldwide operation, such as supporting a cause in the memory of a loved one, local appeals win out.

Easier Marketing

For both global and local charities, spreading the word is key. In previous generations, this was rather difficult for smaller operations. Nowadays, though, digital marketing makes it quick and easy. More importantly, marketing those events has become cost-effective too.

Through a combination of SEO and targeted social media campaigns, you don’t need a big budget to thrive. This means that smaller organizations can spread their story with far greater joy than ever before. Whether it’s promoting an upcoming brand or giving updates through a blog doesn’t matter. Those elements are all great news for donors and organizers alike.

While a charity isn’t quite a business, it shares many elements with modern companies. The need for successful marketing is one of them. The increased accessibility has certainly helped localized causes in modern times.

Online Donations

The internet hasn’t only changed the way charities market themselves. It has also increased the opportunities for fundraising too.

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Once upon a time, small charities were largely restricted to donations in person or via mail. Nowadays, fundraising pages allow individuals and small ventures to gain donations through the internet. Not only does this result in increased fundraising, but it often makes the management a lot easier too. Text messaging services can be used to provide a similar solution.

Big companies have benefitted from these elements also. Nonetheless, the added accessibility has helped small charities the most. And with more money coming in, they can make a far greater difference to the people that need it most.

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