Are Buses Safe For Travel? You Might Be Surprised

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You might think that buses are perfectly safe. Whether, you are getting one for the morning commute or heading around town. You might even be travelling on a bus as a cheap form of long distance transportation. But are buses as safe as they seem? If recent reports are to be believed, the answer is no. In fact, based on the level of danger you could experience on a bus, you might be better off buying a car and risking the busy roads.

Despite buses travelling at typically low speeds and being sluggish on the roads, there are dangers present. From hygiene standards to crime, you might want to think twice about taking another trip on a bus.

Unclean Hands

Disturbing, yet absolutely true a past report has revealed the fifty percent of bus users have faecal matter on their hands. This residue in caused by not properly washing your hands after using the bathroom. Even if you do wash your hands, faecal matter may be present because it gets trapped under the fingernails. Usually, it is not visible to the human eye. However, it does make you wonder about the person who sat on the bus seat before you did. This is a problem with public transport of course, rather than the bus itself. Although there is also the worrying report the vehicles themselves are not clean.

Inspections of city buses in the UK found that they were filled with different kinds of bacteria and did not meet basic hygiene levels. Unsurprising considering what often goes on during rides on public transportation. In the past, there have been cases of exposure, vomiting and even diarrhoea in bus toilets. Not only is this disgusting, it also might be quite dangerous. Just check out this story about exposure on a bus.

Although, there is some good news. A common myth about bus hygiene levels has been debunked. The fear that you’re more likely to catch the flu using public transport has now been debunked.

Slipping And Falling

If you have a bus driver that waits until you’ve taken your seat before moving, you might want to thank them. Most don’t and it is incredibly dangerous to walk around on a moving bus even at low speeds. You never know when they bus driver might have to perform an emergency stop. At that point, you could lose your footing and go flying. Younger travellers might be okay, but what about the elderly? Elderly are common uses of buses due to the bus pass they receive at a certain age. As you get older, your body takes longer to heal. A fall could result in a broken hip that won’t heal for years. It could put them in a hospital with expensive medical bills to pay. You might want to have a look at There you will find information on bus accidents and how you could make a claim.

Crime And Punishment

It’s bad enough getting on a  bus at all. Do we have to worry about being mugged or held hostage with a knife? It turns out that we do. There has been a fifty percent increase in crime on night buses within the past year in London. It was one of the reasons Westminster employees gave for not wanting to commute and instead stay in London. Now, more technology has been introduced into public buses including security cameras. This should make cases of crime far less likely. Although it does depend on whether criminals think they can still get away with this activity.

No Seatbelts

If you have been on a bus that has refused to move because someone is not wearing a seat belt, congratulations. It may not seem like it, but you have met one of the better drivers. Or at least, one who is worried about being sued. In fact, it’s quite dangerous to sit in a moving bus without a seatbelt on. Again, it’s those darn emergency stops that you need to be aware of. You could hit your head on the window or a seat and cause a concussion. You can read about the signs of concussion on  Bus drivers don’t want this to happen and neither should you.

An Unskilled Job

There is the assumption that it doesn’t take much skill or knowledge to drive a bus. Frightening, considering that these buses are often as big as the trucks. There have been reports of more bus companies hiring cheap, unskilled labour as drivers. Unfortunately, any driver will tell you that keeping control of a vehicle that big is anything but easy.

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